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From the Field

Workers wearing masks in front of a truck

Posted on December 8, 2020 in News

At Riggs Distler, we strive to do our best to get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible in all environments. Recently William and Jason from our Underground Gas Group were commended for their professionalism and expertise working in a Philadelphia neighborhood for our host utility. A resident shared in a letter to Riggs Distler:

“I am the owner of a property in Philadelphia… For the past three weeks there has been a workforce of gentlemen working on my street.  From my observation they are a group of hardworking cordial gentlemen. They get the job done, but more importantly they work as a cohesive group efficiently leveraging off each to get the daily project complete within Philadelphia’s guidelines and work times.

There were two gentlemen, the job foreman who initially had to enter my residence to conduct work on the gas lines and change out a required valve mandated by the host utility and his colleague, that I want to commend. The foreman answered every question I had. Approximately forty minutes later the foreman returned with his colleague to check the gas line so there was no leaking of gas into the basement, and once again they were courteous (offering to take off their shoes) and exceptionally professional.

I have had interactions with many of your colleagues and have to say they have made the experience of tearing up the street and replacing the gas lines a positively remarkable one. I don’t mean to repeat myself, yet they have all been remarkable from the foreman, to the laborers, the operational engineer, truck driver, and if I am missing anyone, them too.”

Special thanks to William and Jason for their superior service on behalf of Riggs Distler and thanks to this Philadelphia resident, for taking the time to share his positive experience with our team.