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Great Egg Harbor Crossing Rebuild Project

Bucket trucks on a platform in water

Posted on January 19, 2021 in News

Riggs Distler was proud to provide Transmission and Environmental Matting Construction Services to support the Great Egg Harbor Crossing Rebuild Project in 2020. We assembled and installed eight (8) transmission towers on new foundations (5 on water and 3 on land) and removed the existing lattice towers on land, for Atlantic City Electric on behalf of South State Inc. General Contractors. This upgrade from 138 KV to 230 KV was accomplished by working extensive overtime while adhering to precise outage windows and environmental and maritime restrictions to mitigate the impact on the environment and communities in the area. The new monopole towers range in height from 130ft to 180ft and support six (6) 1590 ACSR Conductors and (2) OPGW’s (Fiber Optic Ground Wire). We utilized two (2) 40 Ton cranes with man baskets extended to over 200ft above water on separate barges to frame and jack the sections together. Riggs Distler’s Environmental Matting Group provided environmental matting services for two (2) transmission structures. One of the structures, in a marsh area, required 2,300 mats and was four (4) layers thick. These matts were required to support all the equipment for Aldridge to drill foundation 12’ diameter X 72’ deep; 300 yards of material out and 300 yards of concrete in. A 250 ton crane was utilized to set the new structure. Now complete, the upgraded power and reliability for Atlantic City Electric customers in Cape May and Atlantic counties will help ensure a consistent and stable source of power well into the future.

To learn more about this power reliability project, take a look at this video produced by Just Right TV documenting the process.