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National Lineman Appreciation Day

Crew of workers standing in front of bucket truck

Posted on April 18, 2022 in News

Today is an excellent opportunity to #ThankALineman and recognize the brave men and women dedicated to maintaining the electric networks that power our lives.

The Centuri Leaders Behind National Lineman Appreciation Day

Bill Bosch, VP of Training & Workforce Development for Centuri Power Group, and his wife Karen Bosch, Manager of Special Projects and Community Engagement at Linetec Services, played a lead role in honoring linemen with this national day of recognition. (Riggs Distler is part of Centuri Power Group) Working with Senators Johnny Isakson and Michael Bennet, they drafted the congressional bill that was accepted by the Senate on April 10, 2013, officially adding National Lineman Appreciation Day to the federal calendar.

The Story Behind the Day

The story of National Lineman Appreciation Day starts with Bill’s father, Cliff Bosch, a lineman during WWII who later became a product manager at A. B. Chance Company (now CHANCE, a subsidiary of Hubbell Power Systems, Inc.). In 1973, NASA reached out to Cliff, who was then a Hot Line Manager, for help with their space station mission called Skylab. One of the station’s solar arrays wouldn’t open, threatening the success of the mission. Cliff helped NASA troubleshoot by suggesting a telescoping hot stick to cut loose the obstruction in the array, which helped to save the mission.

Bill followed in his father’s footsteps with a career in the electric utility industry. He cites his impetus to help recognize linemen is steeped in his dedication to appreciate those who have come before him, including his father. His resolve was strengthened after Hurricane Katrina. Bill felt that the public didn’t fully understand or appreciate the role linemen played in power restoration efforts — so he sought to change it.

The congressional bill for National Lineman Appreciation Day was first read in 2012. “I wrote these words to create public awareness of what linemen do. God bless linework.” Bill said. As a tribute to his father, the day is recognized each year on April 18, which is the anniversary of Cliff’s passing.

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