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Announcing Our New Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership

Bucket trucks working on transmission poles

Posted on August 31, 2020 in News

RDC Industry Leading Safety Partnership

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Putting safety at the forefront of our business model, Riggs Distler & Company, Inc. strives to make the industry safer for our workers, clients and the communities we serve. On each project Riggs Distler performs, our goal is to complete the work free of incidents. Emphasizing clear and consistent communication enables us to identify and prevent at-risk behaviors or unsafe conditions before they compromise the integrity of the work environment. It is because of these values and best practices that we have been invited to enter into the Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership.

ET&D Partnership goals include the following:

  • Analyze accident and incident data to identify common causes for fatalities, injuries and illnesses suffered by linemen, apprentices and other appropriate job classifications.
  • Develop recommended Best Practices for each identified cause.
  • Develop implementation strategies for each Best Practice and promote these strategies among the partners.
  • Identify training criteria for foremen, general foremen, supervisors, linemen and apprentices, including training to create industry culture change to place value on safety and health.

More About The ET&D Partnership

The ET&D is a formal collaboration of industry stakeholders, working together to improve safety for workers in the electric line construction industry. The partnership sets new best practices for safety excellence for our nation’s line workers. It is the only national partnership between private employers and OSHA.

Riggs Distler is one of thirteen electrical contractors included in the national partnership. Our President and CEO, Stephen Zemaitatis Jr. is part of the Executive Team.  The Thirteen Electrical Contractors are:

Also part of this national partnership are: Edison Electrical Institute (EEI),  The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and National Electric Contractors Association NECA.

Riggs Distler is proud to be connected to the ET&D Partnership and will continue to serve as stewards of safety in the utility industry.