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Focusing On Environmental Sustainability

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Posted on May 13, 2020 in News

Recognized By NJ and MD as a Sustainable Business

Riggs Distler supports environmentally sustainable practices.  We set annual goals with the environment in mind. For instance, we focus on reducing energy use, fuel consumption and environmental protection. We also support environmental sustainability through an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Plan to prevent waste, resource consumption and pollution. These practices are important to us, to our clients and the communities we serve.  As a result, we recently joined New Jersey Sustainable Business and Maryland Green Registry.

Sustainable business practices come from our Environmental Health and Safety group. Members include our Director of EHS,  six EHS Managers, and nineteen EHS Coordinators.  In addition, the group is supervised by our CEO. They work together to adapt best practices and communicate changes effectively. Rick Neill, our EHS Safety Director shares, “We continue to pursue sustainability initiatives that help us better serve our employees, customers and the communities we serve.”

Riggs Distler’s guiding principle is “Under One Hat, One Contract-One Responsibility”, which supports our full commitment to safety,  performance, and sustainability. Sustainability policies help our employees to become good stewards in our communities. For example, we have installed LED smart lights that shut off when you leave the room. In addition, we made upgrades to our heating and cooling to save energy. As a result, our efforts have resulted in the reduction of over 62 Million kilowatt hours in 2019.

Riggs Distler will continue to  develop our sustainability strategies.  We will strive to improve our performance. By doing this, we plan to minimize the impact we have on today’s environment and tomorrow’s future.