Our people power our success, and we put the highest priority on their safety. Our 2021 stats (listed below) prove our dedication to safety is the forefront of every project we encounter.


Pioneering Safer Work Environments

Safety and Quality are the foundation of our business. They are guiding principles that we will never compromise. With our pledge to THINK AHEAD, we put Safety and Quality first in everything we do.

Our expertise and reliability to safety and quality is demonstrated by our unwavering commitment to worker safety, our impressive repertoire of clients, and our longstanding record of successfully completing award-winning work. In 2021 we worked 3.4 Million Person Hours and staffed 1500 employees.

Taking a proactive approach, our team identifies and mitigates potential hazards during the planning and project design phase—before they become problems in the field.

Riggs Distler develops project-specific safety plans, provides on-going safety training for our employees, and utilizes best practices on the job site that go beyond mere compliance.  Our comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety program results in LTI (Lost Time Injury), EMR (Experience Modification Rate), and DART (Days Away Restricted or Transferred) rates that significantly outperform industry averages.

Safety Defines our Mission

Safety isn’t just a pillar of our corporate identity, it’s a value we support by ensuring we hire the top performers in the industry.  Our team includes certified Safety Professionals, Construction Health and Safety Technicians, Certified Utility Safety Professionals and certified Taproot® Instructors. In addition to these certified professionals we also staff Risk and Insurance specialists, an Environmental Department and OSHA 500 Authorized Construction Trainers. 

Putting safety at the forefront of our business model, Riggs Distler strives to make the industry safer for our workers, clients and the communities we serve.  Make the right decision for your next project: trust the safety culture at Riggs Distler.

Come Work with the Industry’s Best


Creating a Culture of Safety

Emphasizing a culture of accountability and support in the field, Riggs Distler is committed to protecting the health and welfare of our employees while safeguarding the investments of our clients and the communities we serve. Whether a project calls for a handful of specialists or hundreds of builders, we ingrain our safety culture into every project we perform.

We work with a high degree of care and precision, often exceeding regulatory protocols.  Riggs Distler also utilizes state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the-line materials to reinforce  safety including  Nextraq® and DRiVER’S ALERT®. We offer defensive driving online courses for employees and their immediate family members from the National Safety Council® and provide Smith System® Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel Evaluations when needed. Riggs Distler employs the use of both IndustrySafe and  Taproot® Investigation Method for incident investigations to achieve superior results every time. We are also part of the Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership, which is the only national partnership between private employers and OSHA. Learn more about the partnership here

On each project we complete, our first priority is to complete the work free of incidents. Emphasizing clear and consistent communication enables us to identify and prevent at-risk behaviors or unsafe conditions before they compromise the integrity of the work environment.

Over A Century of Industry-Leading Results